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Judge rules straight player limit in gay softball league OK

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This is an example of how labeling our movement by its various subsets can have unintended ramifications. When it comes to human sexuality the reason why one is attracted to someone else shouldn't be as important as the fact they ARE attracted to another human being, no matter what that other person's gender might happen to be. There is the personal spiritual and mental aspect that is more powerful than the physical, and should be respected.

For now, the inclusion of anyone who wants to be considered "gay" is an intellectual exercise with real world consequences and there is no practical way around having the sort of problem where a MSM or "male who has sex with men" might not be considered "gay enough" to be part of a gay softball team.

A judge said this week the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA) can keep its rule limiting the number of heterosexual players that play on each team.

But, citing questions about how the rule was applied, U.S. District Judge John Coughenour said he will allow the lawsuit brought by three bisexual male players against the organization to go to trial. The men say they were disqualified from the 2008 event in Seattle because they weren't gay enough. As our colleagues from On Deadline wrote, the men filed the suit in April 2010.
The men's sexual orientation was considered by a committee of twenty five people -- absurd.
The plaintiffs — Stephen Apilado, LaRon Charles and John Russ — contend that when they were playing for the championship, they were brought "one at a time, into a room containing as many as 25 people and questioned about their sexual preferences," the Times reported. From there, "The panel members then voted on whether they men were gay or 'non-gay.' Several ballots were held, and the men said the process was humiliating."
If someone wants to play on a gay softball team then all the power to them, and I say LET THEM PLAY. We are playing right into the hands of our enemies if we discriminate against anyone who wants to be considered "gay."

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