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Kerry Eleveld on Obama and marriage

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Specifically, she writes about the President's trip to NYC Thursday night.

“Given the context — he was in New York, where gay marriage is on the verge of becoming legal, and he alluded directly to his audience’s impatience with him — the most plausible interpretation here is that he is appealing for gay support in 2012 in exchange for the tacit assurance that he’ll come out for gay marriage in his second term,” wrote Greg Sargent of the Washington Post.

That may well be what the White House wants us to think, but let’s just state the obvious: there’s no guarantee of a second term. In fact, given the economy, it’s entirely reasonable to imagine that it could be a very tough slog to 2013 depending on whom the GOP fields as a candidate.

Queer Americans quite simply don’t need the promise of inspired leadership next term, we need the promise of it now.
Joe and I are both increasingly worried about the Democrats' chances in 2012, for the presidency and for control of the Senate.

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