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NY State Senate in session. "No decision" yet on Marriage vote. Protests, press conferences underway

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UPDATE @ 2:49 PM: Word from Albany is that there won't be a vote today. Maybe tomorrow, so the session won't end today.
The New York State Senate just tweeted the link to its live coverage. They're in session. Watch here.

Unclear if and when the marriage bill will be debated. Here's the latest from AP:

Two Republican state senators in New York say no decision was made on the fate of gay marriage after a three-hour meeting behind closed doors Monday.

The senators, speaking on condition of anonymity, say gay marriage is tied up in negotiations with other issues including rent control in New York City and a statewide property tax cap.

A vote by the majority Republican conference to send the marriage bill to the Senate floor or kill it could still be days away.
Hearing similar news from Capitol Tonight, who just tweeted:
Just informed by a GOP senator that this stalemate situation could go til Wed and maybe Thurs. That's a lot of hymns.
The hymns refers to protesters in the State Capitol. State of Politics Blog on the scene in Albany:
There’s been singing, hymns, clapping and lots of yelling.

The Rev. Jason McGuire, of the traditional marriage group New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, said he couldn’t estimate how many advocates were gathering at the Capitol today from his side, but the groups include Baptists, Jewish groups and members of the black clergy.

Also among them is former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree, who is adding some star power. Pro-gay marriage advocates have utilized a very active campaign of using celebrities who support same-sex marriage in advertisements and TV commercials.
Our side's religious supporters are in the Capitol, too. Via press release from New Yorkers United for Marriage:
On Monday, June 20th, New Yorkers United for Marriage announces a delegation of faith-based leaders representing a range of religious denominations will arrive at the Capitol today and press lawmakers for immediate passage of marriage quality legislation.

“All committed New Yorkers deserve the right to marry the person they love,” said Father Michael Tesmacher, Pastor of the Prince of Peace Church in Central Islip, NY. “Love between two people is one of life’s great blessings, and as a person of faith, I am supportive of all unions.”

“I strongly support marriage equality legislation,” says Reverend Diane Marquit of St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Castleton and Grace United Methodist Church in Nassau, NY. “As a person of faith I am guided by the bedrock foundations of religious teachings, which include love, tolerance and respect for all.”
Things can change quickly in Albany. We'll provide updates as we get them.

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