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NY Post’s Dicker: "Seven or more Senate Republicans" could be ready to vote for marriage

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Things are happening fast this week in Albany. It could be a real roller coaster of a week. I wrote a post earlier, linking to the NYT and WSJ. And, there's this from the NY Post's Fred Dicker:

Seven or more Senate Republicans have signaled Gov. Cuomo that they're ready to legalize same-sex marriage, more than enough to put the controversial and historic measure over the top this week, The Post has learned.

A highly knowledgeable Senate insider said yesterday that "far more of the [GOP] members are in play than anyone realizes, including some surprising names from conservative upstate areas."

Among the unexpected potential Senate Republican "yes" votes, insiders say, are Kemp Hannon of Nassau County, Charles Fuscillo of Suffolk County, Betty Little of Glens Falls, Andrew Lanza of Staten Island, Greg Ball of Putnam County, James Alesi of Rochester, and Roy McDonald of Rensselaer County -- all of whom helped defeat gay marriage when the vote was held in December 2009.

Influences contributing to the changes of heart are secret Republican polls showing majority support for gay marriage in key swing districts and the strong possibility that the GOP could lose control of the Senate next year to Democrats campaigning on the issue, sources said.
Dicker is an institution in Albany. He's got amazing sources on both sides. In April, the NYT profiled him. Yes, the Times profiled the Post's Albany Editor. That's how big a deal he is.

So, we know that GOP Senators want to vote for marriage. The very big question is: Will they?

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