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NY Senate Repubs. meeting today to decide if marriage equality bill will get a vote

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Just breaking on Twitter.

Capitol Tonight:

Skelos meets with gov, says GOP will meet to discuss #samesexmarriage today. Could decide whether bill should be brought to the floor.
Azi Paybarah from the New York Observer:
Skelos will conference #ssm later today. Will determine whether it comes to floor for vote.
UPDATE @ 12:06 PM: Here's the report from Paybarah:
“We’re going to conference the language of the amendments,” said Republican Senate Leader Dean Skelos after meeting privately with Governor Cuomo.

Asked if he was obligated to present the vote during business hours, instead of late at night when, presumably, less public attention would be paid to the issue, Skelos demurred.

“I’m not going to work under time constraints,” he said, predicting the 32-member GOP conference would be “lengthy.”
David Badash asks the right question: Is GOP Majority Leader Skelos Holding Up The Bill? And, he provided contact info. for Skelos:
If you haven’t, now is definitely the time to contact Senator Skelos and ask him to bring the bill to the floor for a vote. Heck, even Senator Ball thinks the bill deserves a vote. So does Long.

Albany Office
Legislative Office Building, Room 909
Albany, NY 12247

United States
PHONE: (518) 455‑3171
District Office
55 Front Street
Rockville Centre, NY 11570

United States
PHONE: (516) 766‑8383
Email address: skelos@​nysenate.​gov

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