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NY State Senate livestream: Watch history unfold in real time

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Marriage will be the last item on the calendar. These people will make history tonight.

UPDATE @ 8:39 PM, some timing info, via State of Politics:

All signs point to a relatively early vote. There’s a sense the Senate Republicans want to quickly move through the vote and many “no” votes won’t be making lengthy statements.

One Democratic lawmaker says the marriage vote won’t come until 9 at the earliest, with a final vote at around 11.
And, turn down the sound during the recess. They're playing bad musak, but when they come's the marriage bill!. Listen for Senate Bill 5857.
Watch live streaming video from nysenate at

A crowd is gathering in front of the Stonewall Inn. Scott Wooledge is there -- and taking photos:
And, here's one from Paul Yandura, who said the crowd is getting huge:

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