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Pedophile-enabling church has the chutzpah to talk about "the children"

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A Catholic bishop starting an anti-gay oped with the words "the children." That takes chutzpah, considering the Catholic church has been raping small children for decades, and lots of bishops (and higher) aided and abetted that rape.

The children indeed.

Bishop Dimarzio of Brooklyn is also a bit of a liar:

As the chief shepherd of the Catholics in our City's two most populous boroughs, Brooklyn and Queens, the decision of our Catholic Governor and State Legislature to overturn the common understanding of marriage that, despite many developments over thousands of years, has always been understood between a man and woman.
Correction, one white man and one white women, and one black man and and one black woman. That's what was understood for thousands of years.
That there was virtually no public debate on the issue and that the entire matter was concluded in just over thirty-minutes late on a Friday evening is disgraceful.
Liar. Virtually no public debate? Decided in 30 minutes? New York state has been debating this issue for years. And even this vote took weeks to iron out. 30 minutes?


Then again, this church isn't beyond pedophilia, so what's a lie?

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