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Prop. 8 lawyers to appeal ruling on Judge Walker, "the latest sign of their desperation"

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Last night, via email, we learned that the Prop. 8 proponents are going to appeal the decision that dismissed their motion to vacate Judge Walker's ruling because Judge Walker had a boyfriend. I was at the Federal Court Building on June 13th and watched the argument in that case -- and it was abundantly clear that the Prop. 8 side had no case. The judge denied the motion to vacate the very next day. But, the haters are appealing anyway.

The American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER), which brought the Prop. 8 lawsuit, blasted this latest move:

Theodore J. Boutrous Jr., counsel for the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER), the sole sponsor of Perry v. Schwarzenegger, said,“It is disappointing that the Proponents of Proposition 8 continue their unfounded attack on former Chief Judge Walker, and this is just the latest sign of their desperation. Chief Judge Ware correctly recognized that a gay or lesbian judge is entitled to the same presumption of fairness and impartiality as all other federal judges, not the presumption of bias urged by Proponents. We are confident that the denial of Proponents' unfortunate motion will be affirmed.”

The Prop. 8 anti-marriage activists are also attempting to suppress the release of the videotapes of the Perry trial, because they don’t want the public to see the lack of evidence they presented in court or the fact that the trial was extremely fair.

“Desperately clinging to whatever life raft they can, the anti-marriage forces behind Prop. 8 have tried repeatedly to get our victory thrown out. With this appeal, they have once again revealed the same animus they showed during their anti-gay political campaign to pass Prop 8,” said Chad Griffin, AFER Board President. “They will stop at nothing to deny gay and lesbian Americans the freedom to marry.”
Maybe sanctions should be filed against the Prop. 8 lawyers. This is beyond absurd.

And, after New York, the anti-marriage forces are desperate. Extremely desperate. It's probably only going to get uglier.

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