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Yes, It really happened: New York approved same-sex marriage and it’s been signed into law

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I could barely sleep last night, but, for some reason, still feel just great this morning. A dose of equality really helps. My NY Times and Washington Post headlined the big news from New York.

The Governor signed the legislation last night. It takes effect 30 days from that, so we're looking at July 24th.

There's a really compelling excerpt in the print edition of the NYT that's not in the online version:

On Friday night, as the Senate voted, a crowd jammed into the Stonewall Inn, where televisions were tuned to the Senate hours before the vote began. Danny Garvin, 62, said he had been at the bar on the night of the riot, and came back to watch the Senate debate on Friday. On the streets where police beat gay men in 1969, on Friday crowds cheered, as police quietly stood watch.
Senator Mark Grisanti:
Talk about the arc of history bending right before one's eyes.

Also, here's the statement of Senator Grisanti. Hopefully, other politicians will watch it -- and learn from it:

There are a lot of groups scrambling for credit now. Have at it. But, there are a lot of unsung heroes, people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, cut through the BS and helped secure this win. Those are the people I want to thank -- and thank profusely.

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