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"A beaming mother from Brooklyn" watched both her son and daughter get married

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I know we posted a lot of New York wedding stories yesterday, but we don't get days like this very often. There are so many great stories to tell.

Check out this one from Julie Bolcer:

The wedding party stood out even by the joyous standards of New York on the first day of the new marriage equality law. A beaming mother from Brooklyn, some relatives from the Midwest, and a small entourage of other supporters watched as two grooms and brides took photos against a City Hall backdrop before their turn at the bustling counter of the New York City Clerk’s office in Manhattan.

“This is a double same-sex sibling wedding,” explained Eric Bacolas, who planned to marry his partner Michael Bonomo early in the afternoon. His sister Elise Bacolas would also marry her partner, Jenna Glazer. Both couples entered a public lottery and secured spots to be among the 659 couples that received service throughout the five boroughs on Sunday.

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