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Bravo's anti-trans swipe

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Jillian is right - Bravo's host included the word "transgender" in the joke because, to him, it made the person more of an undesirable to have him also be trans.

Last week, featured a story on Jeff Lewis, the openly gay host of Bravo's "Flipping Out" TV series, entitled "Jeff Lewis on Cannibals, Cremation, and Transgender Crack Addicts", an interview written by Raina Cox, an interior designer and author of the blog "If the Lamp Shade Fits," for which the tagline is "Life is too short to live ugly."

To the contrary, this is very ugly. describes itself as a website with a "fascination with real estate porn in all its many glories."

Mr. Lewis had this to say:
"What's your least favorite of all the houses you've flipped?
The worst one--there was a house I bought on King's Road in Sunset Strip and it was in really bad shape. The older woman who owned it had rented it out to four different people who lived there. She was renting out rooms, basically, and to very undesirable people. Normally when you buy a house, the house is delivered vacant. I thought it was delivered vacant, but when I started the demo I realized there was this basement that I didn't see during the inspection, and there was a transgender crack addict. A lot of times when you buy a house you inherit a feral cat or a raccoon or something, but in this particular case I inherited a crack addict--no joke! It took me a couple of weeks to get rid of he/she. But I didn't even know he/she was living there. It was pretty crazy--I didn't know until demo day!"
The bold emphasis in the quote appears in the original on
In addition to targeting, the magazine that quoted the guy, I'd target Bravo, the TV network employing the guy.

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