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Got a call from Obama for America

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Just got a call asking for support for "Obama for America - 2012" campaign. I told the caller I'm just not in, yet. I'm waiting for Obama to evolve on gay marriage, and for him to hold the line on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security when it comes to the shock politics being played by conservatives in congress in order to destroy those successful programs.

Also, I told the Obama volunteer about the fact I had provided countless volunteer hours at the campaign's state office, and gave lots of my resources to his campaign in order to see him elected the first time. Don't get me wrong, I'd be happy to support him again, but he has to stop playing for the other side, and make the easier choice to shore up support from his friends before he gets my support again.

I want to see Obama win again, but I'm just not motivated to help if my work and votes for him means he will constantly work hard to strike a balance between conservatives and progressives. Sometimes the middle ground just isn't the right answer, especially when there is limited political capital to do the right thing and swing the pendulum back from the right where it has been for far too long.

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