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Hartford Courant: "Obama Has Dragged Feet On Gay Marriage"

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In the wake of the latest analysis of polling on marriage equality, posted here, it's clear that a majority of Americans support marriage equality. The trendline is moving in our direction -- and moving fast.

Today, the Hartford Courant editorializes on the President's record on marriage and equality issues. The title says sums it up nicely: Obama Has Dragged Feet On Gay Marriage: President Obama Overall, a great record on gay rights – but it's like pulling teeth:

DOMA is, on its face, discriminatory. Besides, the issue should be left up to the states.

Mr. Obama's backing of Sen. Dianne Feinstein's bill to repeal DOMA is as close as the president has come thus far to saying he supports gay marriage. He has voiced support for civil unions for gay couples, but has not yet taken the final step.
Just evolve already. Connecticut has allowed couples to marry since 2008. The state's same-sex couples aren't equal to their married heterosexual peers. DOMA discriminates against them.

And, yes, the GOP candidates all suck on equality. But, that doesn't mean that advocates shouldn't keep pushing our friends and enemies. We're not equal. The public is increasingly on our side. Elected officials should be, too.

Supporting marriage equality has become the smart political position. But's it still hard to convince a lot of Democratic politicos that it's not 1996 and it's not even 2004. It's 2011.

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