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In California, homophobes want ballot measure to repeal FAIR Education Act

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It's always something with the haters.

From Rex Wockner:

Californians may be voting on gay matters again.

This time the target is the law Gov. Jerry Brown signed July 14 that requires public schools to teach about LGBT people's contributions to the state and nation.

Anti-gay activists have submitted the paperwork to launch a voter repeal referendum and have hit the Web with Its slogan: "Stop SB 48. It costs too much. It goes too far."

Their next task will be to collect signatures from 504,760 registered California voters before mid-October.
What would these people do if they didn't have the gays to obsess over?

Karen Ocamb has more on the haters behind this latest effort:
The Capitol Resource Institute launched an online campaign to repeal the California FAIR Education Act using a slick new email message and a new campaign website called StopSB48. The campaign also updated the CRI main website, which had not posted anything new since 2010. Their “Action Alert” page is still blank with only the date March 12, 2009.

But their new campaign website has the look of money – such as bought stock photos of generic happy white and black families – and there’s someone keeping an eye on the media. In a Capitol Alert story last Friday, July 22 about CRI filing papers to launch a referendum, the end of the story says: “Updated at 2:30 p.m. to add comments by Karen England and Brad Dacus, and to indicate that the referendum drive is being conducted by a coalition of groups.” That’s Karen England of CRI and Brad Dacus of the right-wing Pacific Justice Institute. But unfortunately, Capitol Alert didn’t ask for the names of the other coalition members, which the website identifies as a “coalition of pro-family organizations, parents, students, teachers and more.”
We'll have to keep an eye on this one.

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