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In NYC, all the couples who want to get married on Sunday will get married

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Earlier this week, New York City instituted a lottery system to handle the deluge of marriage licenses for July 24. Well, 823 couples applied and 823 couples will be getting married. From Gay City News:

All five of the City Clerk’s offices will be open for business on July 24, the effective date of New York’s marriage equality law.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, and Clerk Michael McSweeney announced a lottery to cope with the demand they said would make for the biggest day ever in the history of the city’s marriage license business.

On the evening of June 21, Marc LaVorgna, a Bloomberg spokesman, said all 823 couples who signed up for the lottery, which initially guaranteed 764 spots, would be accommodated on the first day. Of the 533 couples who requested a chance to get a license in Manhattan, 74 were directed to instead visit one of the other four borough offices.
And, I have to agree with this last line of the GCN article:
This week, we all love New York.
We sure do.

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