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Leader of discredited ex-gay movement compares it to Weight Watchers

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Michele and Marcus have put a spotlight on the discredited ex-gay movement. And, Alan Chambers, who identifies as ex-gay, is jumping in front of the tv cameras to defend that movement. Via ABC News, Chambers compared being gay to being obese:

In an interview with ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross, a leading figure in an "ex-gay" movement claims many evangelical Christians have been able to change their sexual orientation through faith, prayer, and therapy.

"Does counseling help people who are struggling to live through the filter of the faith over their sexuality? It definitely, absolutely does," said Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International. Chambers says that the group's efforts to promote therapy to turn gays away from homosexuality have been unfairly criticized.

"We can look at other organizations who help people dealing with other life struggles. For instance, Weight Watchers, which has tremendously benefited my life. Should we go after Weight Watchers and tell them 'Don't say that there's anything beyond obesity' for people who are struggling with obesity and want an alternative to that?"
Obesity? I'm trying to imagine the Weight Watchers-like point system Chambers uses. Something like one point for not checking out guys, two point for not checking Manhunt or Grindr...and it would only go up from there...

Watch as Chambers make his outlandish claims after Dr. Jack Drescher explained,"This so far outside the mainstream it's practically on Mars" -- and has Chambers bleached his hair?:

Apparently, Alan still "struggles." From Ex-Gay Watch:
Yet this is the same Alan Chambers who says he still struggles daily with his attraction to men. His fundamental orientation is unchanged. This is what he said of his “same-sex attractions” in 2008:
And so every single morning — this is a ritual for me — I wake up and I say, “Dear Lord, I can’t make it today without You. I choose to deny what comes naturally to me. I choose to submit my will to the Lordship of your Son, Jesus Christ. And I choose better. I choose to follow You, I choose to allow Your Holy Spirit to walk before me, to guide me, to speak for me.”
NOTE FROM JOHN: It's interesting that ABC failed to note that the head of Exodus recently told - who? - ABC that it's not possible to change your sexual orientation.

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