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Lesbian couple kicked out of Gertrude Stein Exhibit for holding hands

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Fellow contributing AMERICAblog Gay writer, Liz Newcomb, pointed out this outrage to me. Of all places for our community to be discriminated against for a slight show of affection, a Gertrude Stein exhibit in San Francisco?!!?

In the pantheon of places one does not expect blatant homophobia, "Gertrude Stein exhibit at a museum in San Francisco" is pretty high on the list. And yet! A guard at San Francisco's Jewish Museum tried to kick out a pair of females for holding hands at such an event this weekend, San Francisco Chronicle columnist C. W. Nevius reports...
I can understand how this kind of thing might happen in Kentucky and require a non-violent community response, but file this one under "WTF?"

If there happen to be any earthquakes in the region I'm quite sure it is nothing more than Gertrude Stein rolling in her grave.

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