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Lesbian trail blazer, Jean Harris, dies

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Jean Harris, lesbian political activist has died.

"Her public persona was this gruff and tumble old dyke, but underneath her truck driver exterior she was a charming, tender-hearted woman who would do anything for her friends," Loftin said.

Harris, 66, died last week. She was found at her Palm Springs home by Denise Penn, 50, her domestic partner.
She was famous for her coalition building and grass-roots organizing. Harris' political acumen provided our movement with an aggressive template for political campaigns and LGBT organizations looking to secure and have our equal rights observed.
Harris began working with the Democratic Party in 1971 as a field organizer for the McGovern campaign. Harris left GTE to become chief of staff to San Francisco Supervisor Harry Britt in 1987 and president of the city's Harvey Milk Lesbian/Gay Democratic Club.
The Harvey Milk Lesbian/Gay Democratic Club helped orchestrate the "lavender sweep," which brought us Roberta Achtenberg, Carole Migden, Harry Britt and Tom Ammiano in the early nineties.

Her shoes are going to be hard to fill. Thank you for your service and rest in peace, Jean Harris.

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