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Log Cabin attorney: "Court is saying either fish or cut bait" on DADT

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Tricky... tricky...

Log Cabin Republicans attorney Dan Woods told The Associated Press that Monday's court order forces the government to take a clear stand on the controversial policy.

"The government has been trying to have it both ways and now the government is not going to be allowed to have it both ways anymore. The court is saying either fish or cut bait."

If the government decides to refrain from further defending the constitutionality of DADT, it must state so in order for Congress to have the opportunity to intervene, the appeals court said. Woods, however, does not expect Congress to take action because it approved repealing the ban last year.
It really shouldn't have come to this. It didn't have to be this way. President Obama could have had a relatively easy victory by issuing an Executive Order stopping discharges and pushing for immediate repeal of DADT after his election. The victory would have been unquestionable in the eyes of one of his most loyal voting blocks had he not been so reluctant to govern as if the majority of the American people had not evolved on LGBT issues. I'm not saying Obama should move on our civil rights via polls, but he enjoyed a 79% approval of getting rid of DADT way back in May of 2007.

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