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Media Matters takes on "The Bigotry of Pat Buchanan." Why is he an MSNBC analyst?

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Media Matters has released a report on the extremely odious Pat Buchanan:

Pat Buchanan wrote in his recent syndicated column that accused Norway mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik may be "evil," but when it comes to his reported belief that there's a coming "climactic conflict between a once-Christian West and an Islamic world ... Breivik may be right." Buchanan, who also serves as an MSNBC analyst, has a long history marred with bigotry and hostility towards non-whites.
Here's an excerpt from the section on Buchanan's viciously anti-gay view:
Buchanan: "The Poor Homosexuals -- They Have Declared War Upon Nature And Now Nature Is Extracting An Awful Retribution." From James Pinkerton's June 2001 column:
Both the ideological right and left were quick to seize upon the deadly disease to underscore contrapuntal arguments about everything from public health to personal morality. Yet, AIDS is ultimately not political; it is viral. It is subject to the laws of nature, not human society. And so, while AIDS may someday be cured, the Darwinian reality underscoring all natural phenomena will continue to flummox both liberals and conservatives.

At the onset of AIDS, when it seemed mostly a gay malady, some right-wingers could barely contain their glee. Columnist Pat Buchanan wrote in 1983: ''The poor homosexuals -- they have declared war upon nature, and now nature is extracting an awful retribution.'' [Newsday, 6/7/01]

Buchanan: "Promiscuous Homosexuals Appear Literally Hell-Bent On Satanism And Suicide." Jake Tapper reported of Buchanan: "In 1990, Buchanan spewed out another hate-filled sound bite: 'With 80,000 dead of AIDS, 3,000 more buried each month, our promiscuous homosexuals appear literally hell-bent on Satanism and suicide.'" [, 9/4/99]
There's more. It's despicable.

Now the question is why MSNBC allows a bigot like Buchanan to serve as an analyst.

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