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Minnesota parents take up the cause of equality for their son who died in Afghanistan

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From Andrew Belonsky at Towleroad, we have an important read for July 4th. CNN shares the story of Cpl. Andrew Charles Wilfahrt, believed to be the first gay soldier killed since the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and his parents' effort to push for LGBT equality in the wake of his death.

It's an intense read, but one that is ultimately more inspiring than it is sad. Below is the video from CNN, as well as their story as produced for the Courage Campaign.

He was also among the smartest in the half-million force, scoring a perfect score on his aptitude test, a feat the Army says is rare.

Andrew was so well-liked his comrades named a combat outpost for the soldier with the infectious smile. COP Wilfahrt sits 6 kilometers from Kandahar. To his buddies, it is not named for a gay soldier, but for one who fought with valor.

"Mom, everyone knows. Nobody cares," he told his mother in their final conversation, a phone call from Afghanistan on Thanksgiving.
Definitely take a few minutes to read the story too. Andrew was a hero, as are his parents who are taking on the fight for equality.
The Wilfahrts have the milquetoast looks of middle-age Midwesterners: gray hair, rimmed glasses, apple-pie ordinary. Yet make no mistake: These lifelong Minnesotans might be the most powerful force to join the same-sex marriage movement.

In a state that has produced GOP presidential hopefuls Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty -- who have made careers fighting gay marriage -- these parents of an American hero present a major challenge to the establishment.
From CNN

From the Courage Campaign

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