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Minnesota sees spike in number of gay couples

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It might seem counter-intuitive because of the efforts by the GOP legislature and Michele Bachmann to make Minnesota less friendly to gays, but Minnesota has enjoyed a 50% rise in gay couples over the past decade.

The statistics emerged during a time of abrupt contrasts for gays in Minnesota.

A national magazine named Minneapolis the nation's most gay-friendly city.

At the same time, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, long a lightning rod for gays, has gained prominence as a presidential aspirant. And a Republican-dominated Legislature has the state headed toward a 2012 referendum on a constitutional amendment against gay marriage.
h/t to regular "Mike in the Tundra" who writes:
It was rather nice for me to read. I live in Golden Valley that is mentioned. There is a rather high tone grocery store there, and many of the gay couples go there. The staff always asked about Ed when he was no longer able to go with me.

Michael (Mike in the Tundra)
It is really satisfying to see how Americans are really starting to understand the motivations behind homophobia and how it relates to those like Michele and Marcus Bachmann.

And, we will all need to help our friends in Minnesota fight the major battle against the bigoted constitutional amendment, which is on the ballot for November of 2012. Minnesotans United for all Families is leading that campaign.

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