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Music video 'Lover' spells it out

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On this weekend, when we saw servicemembers marching in San Diego, I wanted to post this heartbreaking video, "Lover," by Tom Goss of the depth of emotion behind our desire to have our gay and lesbian relationships acknowledged while in the service of our country. Grab a tissue before watching this one.

The question remains, will any more gay or lesbian troops die in the service of their country while they and their families suffer in silence, or will our nation live up to its promises?

Congressman Jim Moran read a letter on the floor of the House of Representatives today from an active duty soldier in Afghanistan. Congressman Moran stated that the soldier had, "learned that a fellow soldier was also gay, only after he was killed by an IED in Iraq. The partner of the deceased soldier wrote the unit to say how much the victim had loved the military; how they were the only family he had ever known." The soldier originally provided the letter in response to an inquiry for the Pentagon's current study of "don't ask, don't tell."

This is the second publicly known case of a gay soldier killed in action during the current wars in the Middle East. The first was U.S. Army Major Alan Rogers, who died while on patrol in Iraq in January, 2008. Statisticians have estimated that more than 200 gay and lesbian service members have perished since the onset of the conflict.
Be sure and check the date of the linked article (February 24, 2010), and the fact it was determined retired General Peter Pace had been coordinating the opposition to open military service for lesbians and gay troops. Pace did it because, you know, homosexuality is immoral. /snark

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