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Not every gay couple wants to get married

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And that's fine.  So long as they don't object to others who do want to.  Just like straight couples, marriage isn't for everyone, and not necessarily right away. From the Chicago Trib:

As New York stood poised to become the latest state to legalize same-sex marriage, Michael Koresky felt the pressure deepen from friends and family eager to see him and his boyfriend of six years tie the knot.

But Koresky and his partner, who live in Brooklyn, aren't sure wedding bells are in the cards. Amid exultant celebrations of marriage equality, they've found themselves in the awkward position of coming out of the we're-not-sure-we-want-to-get-married closet.

"There's an added pressure on certain stable gay couples to dive right in and do it because it's a statement you're making," said Koresky, 32, a writer and editor. "Of course we want the right to be married, but we want the right to not be married as well."

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