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Transgender woman shot and killed in DC

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We know there have been a wave of gay and transgender murders and assaults in Puerto Rico. Yesterday, there was a murder in the nation's capitol. From Yusef Najafi at MetroWeekly:

A transgender woman was shot and killed in Northeast D.C. during the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 20. The Metropolitan Police Department has little information about the suspects other than that they are ''two black males,'' according to MPD Public Information Officer Gwen Crump.

The victim has been identified as 23-year-old Lashai Mclean of Northeast. The homicide took place on the 6100 block of Dix Street NE, in the same neighborhood as the Wanda Alston House, the home for LGBT youth that is a project of Transgender Health Empowerment (THE).

''The matter is under investigation,'' Crump said.
DC's Mayor commented to our local NBC affiliate:
Bias based on sexual orientation or gender identity cannot be tolerated, Mayor Vincent Gray said.

“We know that hate crimes have been perpetrated on people who are transgender or people who might be gay or lesbian,” Gray said. “We don’t know that that’s the case here. We’re going to investigate it fully, of course, and we’re going to investigate it from that perspective as well.”
NBC4 also spoke to Lashai's boyfriend:
“It just hurts my heart,” said McLean’s boyfriend, Jason Coleman. “It hurts me terrible. I don’t know what I’m going to do without her.”
We'll post more details as they become available.

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