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Two more reasons to certify ending DADT: Gay-bashed soldiers

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While everyone was celebrating their freedoms on the fourth of July, two gay Fort Carson soldiers and others were beaten by homophobes shouting anti-homosexual and racial slurs:

Police are investigating a suspected hate crime after a group of men beat two gay Fort Carson soldiers and others while shouting anti-homosexual and racial slurs.

The victims told KRDO-TV they believe they were targeted at a fast food restaurant early Saturday because they're gay.

Two victims are Fort Carson soldiers, who asked to remain anonymous because being identified as homosexual could harm their military careers.
Shouldn't "Don't Ask Don't Tell" be certified so it can be ended, so that these two patriotic soldiers can be honest about their identity and the reason they were attacked, without fear of losing their military careers? Shouldn't they be able to continue to openly serve their country and protect the freedoms the homophobic crowd that beat them obviously take for granted? Happy 4th of July to the two gay troops who were beaten for being gay!

If one is injured in the military they definitely want to know the reason why because they consider it "destruction of government property." The victims will have to lie to the Army doctors in order to prevent their being kicked out because DADT is STILL in effect.

The SLDN clock is still counting down the days as a reminder that DADT is STILL in effect.

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