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15 year old gay kid executed by white supremacist classmate for supposedly making flirtatious remark after being bullied

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This is a perfect example of why gays are so intolerant of intolerance.

An Oxnard student carefully planned and carried out the execution of a 15-year-old gay classmate because of his ongoing feud with the victim and his white supremacist belief that homosexuality is an abomination, a Ventura County prosecutor said Tuesday.

Brandon McInerney, now 17, is charged with murder in the 2008 shooting death of Lawrence King in a high-profile case that has rallied the gay community and triggered calls for greater protections of young homosexuals on school campuses.

King was bullied by McInerney and other boys at the school, Deputy Dist. Atty. Maeve Fox said in her opening statement in the trial, which is being conducted at a courthouse in Chatsworth. But shortly before his death, King had begun wearing high heels, makeup and earrings to school and had become more confident in himself, she said.

“Larry King for the first time in his life wasn’t taking it anymore,” Fox said. “And he started to give people what I prefer to call the proverbial chin. Only it was more profane. The proverbial ‘f ... you.’”
Of course, the defense in this case is going for the ol' gay panic.

Yes, we are such bullies to expect members of our community to be treated with the same dignity, respect and have the same rights observed that other Americans enjoy. /snark

NOTE FROM JOHN: The defense is disgusting.  Read the article.  They're claiming the murdered boy "made flirtatious remarks" to the kid who bullied him.  So the bully just had to shoot him.  Oh, and about that abomination thing, I wonder where kids learn such crazy hateful ideas.  The pedophile-enabling Catholic church, the religious right hate groups, and the Coalition on Human Needs' board member Catholic Charities come to mind.

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