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With record breaking demand, NYC Mayor sets cap on number of July 24 weddings

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Maggie and Brian keep wailing that same-sex couples are destroying marriage. In New York, they're reviving it -- in record breaking numbers. So many marriages are expected on July 24th in NYC that the Mayor has instituted a lottery system with a cap:

Demand for same-sex marriage in New York is so great that the city has decided to cap at 764 the number of couples who can be wed at clerks’ offices on Sunday, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said on Tuesday.

Mr. Bloomberg said the city would hold a lottery to determine which couples, gay or straight, will be allowed to marry at the five borough clerks’ offices. He said the 764 marriages would be the highest number ever performed by the city in a single day.

The city said it was imposing the cap in an effort to avoid chaos on Sunday. The clerk’s office has already received 2,661 applications for licenses since it started accepting online applications from same-sex couples. City officials estimated that 1,728 of those applications were from same-sex couples. Most couples do not apply online for licenses before showing up at a clerk’s office, so the number seeking to marry on Sunday would probably be much higher.
I feel bad for the couples who can't marry on Sunday. But, they can still get married legally next week, which is the important thing.

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