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Adam Carolla’s offensive rant, his lame apology and the transgender community’s outreach

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Adam Carolla, of "The Man Show," is one of those arrogant, homophobic ranters who, when caught saying objectionable things, uses the whole apology-non apology as some sort of dispensation to get out of trouble when he exposes his bigotry.

Oh shut up. Gays, shut up. Just get married, and please shut up - you're ruining my life. ... Like they're gonna save a lot of lives. Yeah, Bert & Ernie, butt fucking, are gonna save a lot of lives.

He concluded the segment by trashing the LGBT acronym again and suggesting, "Shouldn't it be something that spells something? Like 'YUCK'?"
What an idiot.

Carolla issued one of those lame apology-non apologies and the poor explanation he is a comedian versus a politician to try to make up for his bigotry:
Update: This evening Adam Carolla issued an apology to TMZ - "I'm sorry my comments were hurtful. I'm a comedian, not a politician."
The Transgender community has offered him an olive branch and the opportunity to "hang with them" to teach him their lives do, indeed, have value. It is wise and brave of the Transgender crowd to offer to extend their hand to someone who has disrespected and dehumanized them, and another reason I'm proud to have the "T" in the "LGBT" acronym. I just couldn't bring myself to offer any mutual understanding at this time. He ruined it with that whole apology-non apology nonsense.

The homophobe's obsession and stereotypical fantasies as to what we enjoy in our private bedrooms is just endless. Remember, when a homophobe gets caught enjoying what they claim they so vociferously detest, we are all to shut up about it and "respect their privacy."

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