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Anti-gay Republican Indiana State Rep. Phillip Hinkle caught in gay hookup scandal

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A blockbuster from Indiana.

First, from Bil Browning who has been sounding the alarm about state lawmakers who vote anti-gay, but have their own skeletons:

One of the most frequently e-mailed subjects was Republican representative Phil Hinkle. While none of my correspondents could provide any actual proof, three different men told me they had met Rep Hinkle for sex in an Indianapolis hotel room. All three were able to describe Rep Hinkle's penis in detail and all three descriptions matched, but it just dint' seem like enough for me to print the allegations.

Now the Indianapolis Star has been given the smoking gun. In a story running this morning, the Star has seen proof that the long-serving legislator offered a teenage boy $80 for sex after finding the young man on Craigslist and they've printed the salacious details.
Read the Indianapolis Star article. Read every word of it. This is another gross example of a closet case, anti-gay GOPer:
Emails shared with The Indianapolis Star suggest that state Rep. Phillip Hinkle -- responding to a local posting on Craigslist -- offered a young man $80 plus tip to spend time with him Saturday night at the JW Marriott hotel.

The emails, sent from Hinkle's publicly listed personal address, ask the young man for "a couple hours of your time tonight" and offer him cash up front, with a tip of up to $50 or $60 "for a really good time."

The email exchange is in response to the Craigslist posting in which the young man -- who lists his age as 20 in the ad but says he is 18 years old -- says, "I need a sugga daddy."
Read the whole article. It gets so much better. There are emails. And, his wife makes an appearance.

Have to give the Indianapolis Star some credit for publishing this report. Most traditional media types shy away from exposing homophobic hypocrites like this.

And, more from Bil, who has been right so far:
Somewhere in the Hoosier state, Republican state senators Ron Alting and Brent Waltz are shaking in their boots. I've personally spoken to the man Sen Alting has had a longtime affair with while his wife dies of cancer and I've often challenged flamboyant Sen Waltz to answer some basic questions about his extremely close relationship with an older man who many say was Waltz's sugar daddy.

Indiana has no openly gay state legislators and provides no legal rights for LGBT people. Hinkle, McMillin, Alting, and Waltz all recently voted to pass a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage and civil unions.

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