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Boehner’s legal team responds to DOMA questions with anti-gay spin

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Some more filings from Boehner and his lawyers in Edie Windsor's lawsuit against DOMA.

Last week, the Federal Judge in Edie Windsor's DOMA case ordered the lawyers for John Boehner to answer two key questions posed by Edie's lawyers:

"What, if anything, do you contend are the compelling justifications for section 3 of DOMA, 1 U.S.C. § 77"
"What, if anything, do you assert are the legitimate government interests rationally advanced by section 3 of DOMA, 1 U.S.C. § 7?" (Interrogatory no. 3).
Today, we got the answers to those questions. I've embedded the response below. You'll see repetition in the answers, including this as both a "compelling justification" and a "legitimate government interest:
"defending and nurturing the institution of marriage by creating legal structures that make it more likely that that children will be raised by parents of both sexes."
Seriously. These are their best shots -- and this is your tax dollars at work.

Edie and her lawyers, led by Roberta Kaplan, are so going to kick the butts of Boehner and Clement. It's going to be glorious to watch.

Here's the document:
Boehner/Clement Oppose Summ. Judgment in DOMA case

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