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Do we still need LGBT Media?

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Barbara Dozetos writes an article on the continued relevance of an LGBT media. I almost think it is a rhetorical question, not because I consider myself part of the LGBT media, as a contributing writer for AMERICAblog Gay, but because we are still struggling for true equality and equal civil rights. She makes a case for our continued existence even after our battles have been won.

As the general population grows more accepting of our community, is the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) news media still relevant? Do we really need newspapers, radio shows, web sites and television shows that are all gay all the time? Do we really need to perpetuate a media ghetto?

My answer now, as it has been since 2000 when I first considered the question, is an emphatic yes. Now, then, and in the future, we will need the LGBT media. It is one of the threads that hold together the crazy quilt that is our community.

Historically, there's no denying the critical role community media has played in the political and cultural advances we have achieved. But even if that were the sole justification for its existence, we certainly can't say that all the battles have been won. While we may be thrilled about recent victories, it remains true that many U. S. states can legally discriminate based on one's sexual orientation in employment, services, and many other areas. Even fewer states are transgender-friendly, and outside our borders, many, many countries are just plain dangerous.
Yes, we are needed and we will continue to be needed for the foreseeable future.

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