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If submission means respect, is Marcus submissive to Michele, too?

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Just wondering.

Last week, during the"> FOX debate, Michele Bachmann was asked, "As president, would you be submissive to your husband?" She explained that submission means respect. The subject came up again on "Face the Nation" this past weekend:

Asked about the comment by CBS News' Norah O'Donnell Sunday, Bachmann reaffirmed that to her, "submission means respect, mutual respect."

"I respect my husband, he respects me," she said. "We have been married 33 years, we have a great marriage...and respecting each other, listening to each other is what that means."

O'Donnell asked Bachmann if she would use a different word in retrospect.

"You know, I guess it depends on what word people are used to, but respect is really what it means," Bachmann replied.

"Do you think submissive means subservient?" O'Donnell asked.

"Not to us," Bachmann said. "To us it means respect. We respect each other, we listen to each other, we love each other and that is what it means."
If submission means respect in the Bachmann family, it must be mutual, right? So, is Marcus submissive to Michele? Can somebody out on the trail ask him, please?

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