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Maryland’s Catholic Archbishop tried to block O’Malley from supporting marriage

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Ah, yes. The Catholic hierarchy, which notoriously aided and abetted child rapists, is obsessed with preventing marriage equality. And, the Archbishop of Baltimore is trying to bully the Governor:

Edwin F. O’Brien, the archbishop of Baltimore, said in a letter late last month that sponsoring the bill would “deeply conflict” with O’Malley’s Catholic faith and that he should resist pressure to do so after New York’s recent legalization of same-sex marriage.

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, another Democrat with a rising national profile, was widely credited with pushing a gay-marriage bill through a divided state legislature.

“Maryland is not New York,” O’Brien wrote. “We urge you not to allow your role as the leader of our state to be used in allowing the debate surrounding the definition of marriage to be determined by mere political expediency. The people of Maryland deserve no less.”
One man's "political expediency" is a whole community's basic equality.

The Cardinals and Archbishops still think they matter. But, they have no moral authority. They lost it by aiding and abetting child rapists -- for decades. Their parishioners just ignore their archaic rantings.

It's odd -- and disturbing -- that leaders of the Catholic Church still think that they can control the actions of Catholic politicians. But, one thing is clear. The Archbishop is desperate. Besides the bullying, O'Brien is trying the oldest trick in their book on the Governor: Catholic guilt. Our Catholic mothers can get away with it, not Archbishops.

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