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A reminder of what an extreme flip-flopper Mitt Romney is

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As noted earlier, Mitt Romney signed NOM's hate-the-gays pledge today. It's a viciously homophobic document.

One reason people don't like and don't trust Romney is that he'll say anything to win. He's a big phony -- and a wicked flip-flopper. His positions on gay issues are a vivid example of that.

See, Mitt used to love the gays. From the Boston Globe today:

Romney has opposed gay marriage in his presidential campaigns both this year and in 2008. But he said in his 1994 Senate campaign against Democrat Edward Kennedy that he would be a greater advocate for gay rights than Kennedy.
Better than Ted. That's quite a standard. We wrote a lot about Mitt's flip-flopping during the 2008 campaign, but it's such an extreme shift in position that's it worth repeating. And, it wasn't just back in 1994. Mitt courted the gays in 2002. Here's a post John wrote in November of 2006:
This just in from the Boston Globe:
When he ran against Ted Kennedy for the Senate in 1994, Romney wrote a letter to the Massachusetts Log Cabin Club, pledging that as "we seek to establish full equality for American gay and lesbian citizens, I will provide more effective leadership than my opponent." During that same campaign, Romney was accused of once describing gay people as "perverse." In response, Romney's campaign vehemently denied that he used the word "perverse" and said that he respected "all people regardless of their race, creed, or sexual orientation."

While running for governor in 2002, Romney and his running mate, Kerry Healey, distributed pink fliers at a Gay Pride parade, declaring "Mitt and Kerry wish you a great Pride weekend." He backed domestic partner benefits for public employees, winning the endorsement of the national Log Cabin Republicans. In his inaugural speech, he promised to defend civil rights "regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or race."

As governor, he appointed openly gay and lesbian people to high-profile administration positions. He doubled the budget line item for the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, until he tried to disband it last May -- more political theater for the Republican right.
So, Romney was a big gay-lover just until the last two years when he decided he needed the religious right gay-haters in order to become president. Typical, pathetic Republican. They are a party that no longer believes in anything.
Yeah, Mitt used to love the gays. But, that was then, Now, he really, really wants the right-wing homophobes to vote for him. So, Mitt hates the LGBT community.

To paraphrase, Mitt was for the gays before he was against them.

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