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Scotland has parliamentary "row" over same-sex marriage

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It is a bit complicated for an American to follow the fight that has erupted in Scottish politics because they have coalitions and so many parliaments. First of all, they have representation in their National Parliament and then the greater European Parliament. Of course, I'm sure Scottish citizens might argue over which is greater and it would probably boil down to our very own "state's rights argument" over here in the states. We only have a two party system so that coalitions do not have to be made, which simplifies things. But, that also can nullify or diminish the ability for one to get an issue heard as we've seen this past decade with LGBT rights when both parties refuse to even acknowledge one's rights or issue. Imagine being this far along in the gay rights battle that a huge battle is erupting over the semantics of whether or not churches have "to be involved or to approve of same-sex marriage!"

A quick primer:
MEP - Member of European Parliament
MSP - Member of Scottish Parliament
SNP - Scottish National Party

From the BBC:

Nationalist MSP John Mason has tabled a motion at the Scottish parliament stating that no person or organisation should be forced to be involved or to approve of same-sex marriage.

The motion is backed by three other Nationalist MSPs.

Now Alyn Smith MEP, writing in the Scotland on Sunday newspaper, has condemned their actions.
I love what the gay MEP, Alyn Smith, says about his fellow party members:
"What is in the small, mean, angry heads of bigots is a matter for them. I have never asked for their approval, but I demand equality."
Over there, it is referred to as a "row" which is a quaint way of saying "fight." With the rights of their gay Scottish citizens mostly secured and observed to the point where they are having a "row" over this particular question, it is quite obvious Maggie Gallagher most certainly hasn't been doing a very good job over in Scotland, or the freedom observing people of Europe, now how she?

Also, I don't mean to minimize this particular row but it is really difficult not to have a slight twinge of jealousy considering the United States still hasn't even come close to observing the same civil rights gay citizens enjoy in Scotland, and the European Union. We don't even have a President, from our supposed more progressive party, who has fully evolved on same sex marriage.

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