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Update: Indiana Coroner is working to release body to Santiago's partner and family

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The post to which John linked below has been updated twice.

Via Billerico:

NOTE: This story has been updated to include the information that Santiago's aunt will be allowed to claim the body.

UPDATE: Alfarena Ballew from the Marion County Coroner's office called to offer this statement, "Her friend and her aunt are working together with the life partner to take care of the remains. We have nothing in writing from the partner asking to claim the body. Our records show that the next of kin is her aunt. Our understanding now is that they're all working together to release the body and take care of the services." Ms. Ballew described the incident as a "misunderstanding" and says the office is on track to release the body shortly.

UPDATE 2: The organization Santiago was a board member of, Amigas Latinas, has put out this statement:

Amig@s. We've seen a few posts asking folks to call the media because of a claim that Alisha's wishes aren't being respected because the tragedy took place in Indiana. This is NOT TRUE! We appreciate the passion for equality and justice on behalf of these mujeres, but everyone has been working together to honor Christina Santiago. Please intervene if you see this news...

A commenter on the post says she is afraid she misspoke to the media. I did not speak to this person for my story.
My UPDATE: This wouldn't be a story if we were just allowed to marry, and our political leaders would evolve along with the majority of Americans on this issue.

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