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A gay married couple out and proud in the US military

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I still never, ever thought I'd see the day. From HuffPost Hill:

"Captain Adam Harmon is now 31 and the intelligence officer for a military police battalion at Fort Riley, Kansas. [His husband, Captain] Pete [Bennett]'s picture sits openly on his desk in the headquarters building. And, for the past two weeks, Adam has worn a wedding ring on his left hand. They were married on Oct. 8, just 19 days after the repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell.' Because of privacy laws, the Department of Defense has no data on how many gay and lesbian servicemembers have married since the Sept. 20 change. But Adam and Pete are surely among the first couples to test the limits of the Army's acceptance under the new policy. The pair are familiar with uncomfortable moments, mostly in the form of insults shouted from cars when they hold hands in the street. And when they attempted to register at a Macy's in Columbus, Ga., where Pete was on temporary duty at Fort Benning, a clerk politely but adamantly changed their marriage to a 'commitment' on the couple's paperwork. Macy's apologized to Pete and Adam, and Pete doesn't blame the employee, whom he thought was well-meaning. But still, he said, 'almost on a daily to weekly basis we're reminded how we're still not quite viewed as equal by a good portion of the United States. And this was just a really good example of that.'" If you've lost a little faith recently in humanity, read through the comments section under Pete and Adam's story, and there is, shockingly, an outpouring of support and congratulations for the couple. The Internet won't know how to handle it.
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