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"It Gets Better" is not enough. It’s time to arrest some bullies

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I agree with Dan Savage on this one.  Kids are dying. It's time to get tough with bullies.  It's also, I might add, time for our elected leaders in Washington to take this issue seriously. Why is neither of the two proposed anti-bullying bills included in a massive education reform bill that just passed out of a key Senate committee?  That committee, and the entire Senate, is controlled by Democrats.  They chose to leave our legislation out of the bill.  Why?  Was including "the gay" too embarrassing for Senate Democrats?  And why didn't any of our groups have enough leverage to get the legislation included?

This is the reason we elect Democrats. Not just to do the high profile stuff like get DADT repealed, but to keep our interests in mind when they work on every piece of legislation.  And it seems, more often than not, that they shove our interests aside as quickly and quietly as possible.  This appears to be another shining example of, as Joe calls it, "political homophobia."  And I'm getting really tired of it.

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