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Kelsey Grammer thinks the Tea Party is nuts, disagrees with them on gay marriage

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Via TowleRoad:

Republican Kelsey Grammer was asked last night by Piers Morgan about his allegiance to the Tea Party.

Says Grammer: “I’m not sure they say anything that I would object to. I’ve just been told that they’re lunatics."

Morgan tells him that most of the Tea Party is opposed to gay marriage.

"I wouldn't sign on to that. Absolutely. I played several [gay characters]. I guess I'm more Libertarian in that way. I think marriage is up to two people that love each other. And if you find the church that you want to get married in you go right ahead ..In my mind the state of marriage is something that has been endorsed by the idea that it is a sacrament within the context of a faith...the word marriage comes out of the religious side of our experience and our history. So I tend to think our government shouldn't be involved in any way..."
TowleRoad has the video of the interview as well.

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