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More on GOP Speaker Boehner’s offensive arguments in defense of DOMA

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HuffPost Hill sums it up best:

A spectre is haunting America -- the spectre of moneyed coastal homosexuals who frequent farmers' markets and Dianne Feinstein fundraisers at Steven Spielberg's house DESTROYING THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE. The legal team retained by House Republicans to defend the Defense of Marriage Act is arguing that because some gay people have access to money, politics and media, DOMA doesn't need to be repealed. "The very significant gains made by homosexual-rights groups both in legislative terms and in popular opinion -- and the phenomenal speed at which those victories have come -- demonstrate that they have ample ability to attract the favorable attention of lawmakers," the lawyers wrote in an October 14th motion with the U.S. District Court in San Fransisco [Editor's note: Heh]. "Accordingly, gays and lesbians cannot be labeled 'politically powerless' without draining that phrase of all meaning. Where a group is not lacking in political power, it cannot claim the 'extraordinary protection from the majoritarian political process' provided by heightened scrutiny." By this line of reasoning, black people don't need civil rights protections because of Oprah, Jay-Z and that super-wealthy BET executive. Got it.
Or to put it another way, if minorities begin to have some success at repealing discriminatory laws the court should make sure the remaining laws remain on the books in order to honor how well the minorities are doing.  I wish Boehner would just STFU, but he won't because we have absolutely no power over him.  And that's kind of the point of the entire suit.  More from HuffPost.

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