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WA state releases names of anti-gay petition signers

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This is priceless.  The anti-gay bigots are worried that if we find out who they are they might receive mean text messages from family members and maybe even be flipped off in their car.  Yes, the party of limited government wants the government to step in and protect them from being texted by a sibling.  From AP:

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year that release of the signatures does not violate constitutional rights, but the justices allowed advocates to prove that the release would put signers in danger. One of the signature gatherers testified that he received an angry text message from his brother and received obscene or profane gestures from passing cars.
Right, so they don't want the government protecting our relationships but they do want the government protecting them from their own family members' disapproval.

Last time I checked, who was doing the political violence in this country? Why, the religious right against abortion providers. Their side has a history of violence, not ours. Our side just wants to get married.

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