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Are bisexuals eligible to play in a "gay" softball league?

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(Marcus Bachman's summer plans are on hold until we figure this out.  Kidding.  Sort of.)

I'm not entirely sure I care.  Meaning, of course they should be eligible, why are we even discussing this?  Oh, but there was a lawsuit.  A necessary one, really.  A bisexual team was excluded from the gay softball "world series" because the organizers decided they were really straight.  I've never completely understood the disbelief some gay people hold for the term "bisexual."  I mean, why not?  I'm pretty much a Kinsey 6, but I certainly know gay men who have some, albeit minor, attraction to women - and again, so what?  I also know gay men who swear that they're bi, have dated men and women, and have been quite happy.  Again, why not?  We can accept that some of us are totally hetero or totally gay.  And we can accept that some gays like girls, and some straight guys like boys (and a good number of straight girls have at least a passing interest in girls) - though not in 50-50 proportions.  But when the proportion of who you like suddenly hits the magic 50-50 marker, no one believes it's possible?  Again, why not?  (And yes, some guys who are just coming out and/or have issues with being gay say they're 'bi."  That doesn't mean other guys actually aren't.)

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