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Evangelical bigots threaten to leave Church of Scotland over gay ordinations

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What would Jesus do? Side with the downtrodden or those who trod on them? It's an easy answer. From the Guardian:

The Church of Scotland is braced for mass resignations over moves to allow the ordination of gay ministers, with up to 150 conservative and evangelical ministers threatening to quit, the Guardian can reveal.

The rebellion began after the Church of Scotland became the first major presbyterian church in the world to allow openly gay and lesbian ministers to take up parishes at its general assembly in May, despite evidence that 20% of its elders and office-bearers could leave in protest.
Let them go. In the early church, the really early church, people were willing to die for their beliefs, and did (including one particularly famous guy). The threat of a group of bigots taking their marbles and going home pales in comparison.

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