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French gay couple gets married in violation of the law

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Even in France, where they have something akin to marriage for gay couples, it's called PACS, it's still not marriage. Sarkozy's government was apparently very upset that the couple would dare to get married:

Claude Greff, Sarkozy's junior cabinet minister for family, said the ceremony was a "provocation on the eve of the presidential election," referring to the 2012 contest between Sarkozy and Socialist rival Francois Hollande, who leads in polls.
Too bad.

It's good to see this kind of in your face activism in France. Sometimes, as an American advocate/activist in Europe (part time) you run into people who are quite surprised by the kind of activism, especially gay rights activism, we do here in the states. They find it, they wouldn't quite say vulgar, but it's just more than respectable folks would consider doing a lot of the time. I also ran across the sentiment that our kind of activism just wouldn't work in France. I think that's bogus. It reminds me of African countries that think homosexuality is a white-man's creation. No, sorry. Gays are everywhere, and people are people - they respond to activism quite similarly I've fond, be it in the US, France or anywhere else.  You only people with the courage to stand up and be willing to stand out from the crowd.  This couple did just that.

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