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Gay Iowa couple fights to put both their names on child’s birth certificate

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Interesting, since Iowa already has gay marriage. The problem is apparently state law (though you'd think that state law contradicts the state supreme court marriage decision):

State attorney Heather Adams said the health department has extended rights to same-sex married couples since the ruling. She said the department has no concerns about two women raising a child, citing "solid scientific evidence" that children of gay couples are as healthy as those raised by a man and a women.

However, the state law's wording in regards to parentage is gender specific, she said. Iowa code states if a woman is married, the husband is the father, absent a court order that says otherwise.
It is fascinating how even AFTER winning marriage in the state there still are these legal battles for other "lesser" rights (e.g., rights that you'd think naturally would flow from marriage, but they don't).

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