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MI Senate legalizes anti-gay bullying. Stay away from Michigan if you're looking for school, job.

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They actually passed legislation in the Michigan Senate that legalizes bullying so long as you have a moral or religious reason for bullying the kid.  Astounding.  That means Jewish children, Muslim children, hell even black children and Latino children, are now fair game (anyone can come up with a "moral" reason to justify bigotry against anyone).  From JoeMyGod:

"Matt's Safe School Law" passed 26-11 with all Democrats voting against it. The bill is named for Matt Eppling, an East Lansing 14-year-old who committed suicide after being bullied by classmates in 2002. The law includes a section noting it doesn't abridge First Amendment free speech rights or prohibit expression of religious or moral viewpoints — a provision Democrats fear could be used to justify harassment of gay, lesbian or transgender students. "I am ashamed that this could be Michigan's bill on anti-bullying when in fact it is a 'bullying is OK in Michigan law,'" Kevin Eppling, Matt's father, whose letter was read by Sen. Glenn Anderson during Wednesday's session.
TowleRoad has a great video of a Democratic legislator standing up to the legislative bullies in the Michigan Senate.

Remember, Michigan is also on the verge of rescinding domestic partner benefits in that state for the partners of gay state employees (e.g., university professors and other university employees).

Michigan is the new Alabama. Stay far away from that state if you are gay, or even just fair minded, and planning a vacation, looking for a job, or looking to study at a university. Do not go to Michigan - we have plenty of other states that aren't trying to bash minorities, leave people's family members without health care, and literally kill children.

Michigan hates. Stay far away.

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