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More about those damn penguins

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Now there's concern that Buddy and Pedro - or as I call them, Bud-ro - might not get back together after the zoo tries to get them to mate with a pair of she-penguins. From ABC:

As reported last week, the two will be split up approximately one week from now for breeding season. Zookeepers want them to breed with females to help populate the species, which is endangered. But when the breeding season is over, all the African penguins will eventually return to the same enclosure, and “if Buddy and Pedro want to be together … they will be back together,” said Tom Mason, Toronto Zoo curator of birds.

But will they want to stay together after copulating and bonding with a female?

Before Buddy arrived at the Toronto Zoo, he paired with a female for “quite a few years,” and they had eggs together, Mason told
So was Buddy bi, questioning, or living a lie? Stay tuned for the next installment of: Those Damn Penguins.

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