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New guy picked to produce Oscars had his own anti-gay blow up a year ago

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Oscar photo via Shutterstock
He produced the movie where they had the characters say electric cares were "gay."  I still think it was in appropriate, regardless of how silly some might find it.  You don't use slurs like that, especially when they're intended to be funny in a "ha ha, I like that character" kind of way, rather than an Archie Bunker kind of way.  It's hard to believe that the Academy Awards didn't realizes this as soon as someone suggested the man to take the place of the other guy who left because he used an anti-gay slur.  And with Ron Howard, his co-producer on the movie, getting all high and mighty about his right to use anti-gay slurs as some kind of art form, it's not as if the issue was ever really resolved to anyone's satisfaction.

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