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Religious right admits that gay marriage won’t lead to polygamy, etc.

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They funny thing is, they have no idea as to the import of what they just admitted in this release:

November 23, 2011 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Polygamy, polyamory fail at B.C. Supreme Court

ADF-allied attorney participated in case to demonstrate harms of ‘group marriage’
to women, children, society

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The Supreme Court of British Columbia has ruled that the government of Canada may continue to prohibit polygamy and polyamory--a decision that rejects an approach that could have had far-reaching effects on marriage throughout Canada and other countries. An Alliance Defense Fund allied attorney participated in a multi-month trial that began in November of last year to examine the various harms of polygamy and polyamory to women, children, and society.
They have gay marriage in Canada. But the court ruled that the government can still ban polygamy, even though the religious right swore to use that gay marriage would naturally lead to polygamy and all sorts of other "bad" marriages. Guess they were wrong. Nice of them to let us know.

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